Updated Feb. 17, 2021

As of Feb. 9th, 2021, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors passed a local eviction ordinance limiting allowable evictions to only those that pose an imminent risk to health and safety, and an owner taking a rental property off the market.


The state of California has passed SB 91, which dictates how tenants are protected from eviction due to nonpayment of rent. 


Please see the fact sheet below from our partners at Legal Aid to help answer questions about your rights in this time.

You can also USE THIS FLOWCHART to figure out if you’re protected under current law.


Take a look at our template letters and documents page for access to forms that tenants can fill out regarding rent payments or financial losses due to COVID-19.

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Facing eviction and not sure what to do next?

Call the SCTU Tenant Counseling Hotline:

(707) 387-1968


Or call the Legal Aid Housing Hotline for legal assistance:

(707) 843-4432