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More Members = More Power
Strength in numbers – the more people we've got behind us, the more political power we hold.



Mutual Aid
With enough members paying dues, we will be able to set up a general fund to provide tenants with financial assistance for certain expenses.



Solidarity and Connectedness
Share your story, hear other people's stories, make connections, share resources, and feel empowered by collective action.


Voting Rights and Committee Work
Regular members have voting rights and can be on committees, so they have the power to shape the direction of the union and play an active role in fighting for tenants' rights and housing justice.

Mailing List


Send an email to to set up a one-on-one meeting with an SCTU member to learn more about how you can get involved in a way that matches your skills, interests, and availability.

And if you'd like to receive regular email updates from SCTU, join our mailing list.



Check our calendar to see our upcoming meetings and events, and what SCTU is up to!


Member dues are voluntary through June 30th, 2021. However, we encourage

anyone who can to pay dues! Dues are on a sliding scale according to what each member is able to comfortably pay.


If you would prefer to pay dues via check, please send the check to:

North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP)

PO Box 1928

Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Memo: SCTU (Please indicate which type of membership)


Your donations are greatly appreciated, and go towards building renter power and the fight for housing justice!


If you would prefer to make a donation via check, please send the check to the address above with SCTU as the memo.

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