On a hand-drawn hotline flyer, a worried tenant with their child calls a tenant counselor.

Art by Rosa Jerez

In August of 2020, we launched the Sonoma County Tenant Counseling Hotline.

We have eight tenant counselors who have gone through workshops and trainings, and can provide information and support to tenants all across the county. Our hotline is a peer-run and volunteer staffed support service. We are tenants ourselves, who have had our own experiences navigating and advocating for our rights. When we talk with tenants on the phone, our goal is to support people in understanding the laws that protect them, and provide tools so they can advocate for their rights. Through the hotline, we have been able to successfully stop three evictions, allowing for the tenants to remain in their homes.


Tenants can call or email the hotline and a counselor will get back to you as soon as possible. Bilingual English/Spanish tenant counselors are available.

Black icon of a old-style telephone, with curved lines showing sound coming out of it.

(707) 387-1968              sctuhotline@gmail.com

Black icon of an envelope.


Email sctu707@gmail.com to get more information on counselor trainings and what being a tenant counselor entails.